Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Year's Best Dressed

I am back in the States!  It was very sad leaving London; it was so much fun living in a big city where there is fashion everywhere you look!  But it is great to be home.  One of the first things I did when I got here: went to the US Vogue website and snooped around for interesting things.  What I found: the Best Dressed women of 2010.  Vogue chose ten women, from which people voted on for who they thought was the Best Dressed of the year.  The winner: Lady Gaga with 8,257 votes.  She won by a landslide; the runner-up was Blake Lively with 3,350 votes.  And in third place was Sarah Jessica Parker with 1,439 votes.  Other contestants included Alexa Chung, Marion Cotilliard, and our First Lady, Michelle Obama. 

The top three women are all very different.  Lady Gaga is the creative, avant-garde Pop Queen, Blake Lively the young and beautiful actress (notice I didn't say talented), and Sarah Jessica Parker the classic and experienced fashionista.  Although she has had some rather weird outfits, like her dress made entirely out of meat, Lady Gaga definitely deserves the recognition.  She is always coming out with something new and different, something unforgettable.  Her outfits may be a bit out there, but she is being creative and having fun with it! She doesn't just pick out pieces from a designer's collection, she actually designs her outfits to be completely unique.  So, Lady Gaga, congratulations!

Lady Gaga

Blake Lively

Sarah Jessica Parker

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