Friday, 31 December 2010


Linda Loudermilk: innovative eco-friendly fashion designer extraordinaire.  Six years ago, Loudermilk found her designs strolling down the Paris runways and at the top of high fashion, but instead of feeling success, she felt disappointment.  She felt she was "creating beauty without a soul."  It was then that she began a new eco-friendly clothing line. Her personal mission is to inspire change in the world and within ourselves.  She wants to ignite expressiveness, encourage clarity, and bring about gratitude for this planet, all with a sustainable, "luxury eco" lifestyle.

She began using organic textiles woven from natural sources like bamboo, seaweed, and corn and collecting scraps of lace and other fine fabric remnants from European sources.  Her designs are beautiful and dramatic and hand finished mostly in the USA.  Loudermilk is recognized as the first to identify and successfully market to the luxury eco consumer.

Her designs are unique and edgy.  I really appreciate her mission and technique, and I think you'll like her designs too!

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  1. Cool! I wish more designers would head this way.