Friday, 21 January 2011

Hugs not Uggs!

What is it with college girls' obsession with wearing Uggs, sweatpants, and Northface jackets? I didn't notice how extremely popular the over-the-top laid-back look was until I went to London for three months and came back.  (Side note: people in London like to actually look nice when they go out)  Before I could even get through customs I was surrounded by fuzzy pants and puffy boots.  At first I thought, 'Well, people just like to be comfortable when going on an airplane.' But no, the sweatpants and Uggs did not cease as a I left the airport, stayed in San Francisco for three weeks, and now have been back in Eugene for three weeks.  Does nobody look at themselves in the mirror anymore?  I walk around campus every day and more than half of the girls I pass look like they just rolled out of bed and left for class.  But here is the problem: they have makeup on, their hair is brushed, and they're wearing jewelry.  So are they actually trying to look this bad?  Don't get me wrong, I like wearing clothes that make me look three sizes larger too.....

Yes, this is what you look like.

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