Friday, 14 January 2011

Eugene Hippies

So I've been back in Eugene for about a week trying to get myself moved into the new house, which is mostly why I haven't posted in a while.  The other reason would be that: there isn't much fashion in Eugene.  Don't get me wrong, the students at the UO have some great fashion sense, or at least most of them do.  The other day I saw a girl with tie-dye hair and thought, "Well that might be cool for a model walking down a runway for an avant-garde fashion show, but for everyday wear, I'd stick with one color."  I guess it's time to get used to seeing the interesting hippie fashion that is so common around here.

Now, I do like the hippie styles that were so popular not too long ago, but some of the people in Eugene just take it to another level.  Think of dreds, a long purple skirt made out of hemp, a tie-dye T-shirt, and some Tivas and you've got the perfect image of a Eugene hippie.  Here is the kind of hippie styles that I like; I like the styles that feature a little bit of a Native American influence:

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