Sunday, 24 April 2011

The Ready-to-Wear Show at Eugene Fashion Week

The Ready-to-Wear show on Saturday night at Opus VII Art Gallery was definitely a pick-me-up from the eco-wear show. It featured 14 designers, each with an individual focus. Deluxe's black and white designs smoothly sauntered down the figure-eight runway, United Workers' overalls and jumpsuits inspired by the 1950s working class marched in with ease, and Jaunty's colorful spring dresses fluttered up the catwalk effortlessly. There were still some dreads, piercings, and tattoos, but the more sophisticated designs of the night made them much less noticeable.

My favorite designer of the night was Grace Persson of Bohemiska. Her designs flowed beautifully as the models walked, there was a clear connection between looks, and a vision for the whole line. She did a wonderful job of accessorizing her bohemian looks with feathers, an item that is quickly becoming a popular accessory. She clearly has an awareness of what is 'in' in fashion.

It seems that Eugene Fashion Week is looking up, and I look forward to seeing the Club Wear and Avant Garde shows next weekend.





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