Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The Trends of the Season

Wanting to look fashion-forward as you're walking down the street? Well, here are my favorite trends of the season, if that means anything!

First, the gilet.  Basically, it's a fabulous fur vest.  Make sure to pair it with something light and not too bulky.  And for those of you who don't want to wear real fur, there are plenty of designers that make faux fur gilets, like this well-known designer (one of my favorites):
Michael Kors

  Next, the elbow-length gloves.  Many magazines are saying to only go for leather or suede, but personally I think elbow-length knit gloves are adorable!  And any color goes!

And for the shoes, if you're looking for heels, go for a bright color!  Any color!  Whether it's red, yellow, or neon green, it looks great to have that pop of color on your feet.  My suggestion, if you're going to wear brightly colored heels, wear a neutral colored outfit. That way, the shoes will really stand out.
I will be looking for a pair of red heels for Christmas!

And if you're looking for flats, go look through your Dad's shoes and find a pair that look like his! The mannish shoes are really "in" right now and who knows when it will be "out," so don't let the time to wear comfortable shoes and still be trendy slip away!
Well, those are my favorites! And now, after talking about it, I want to go shopping...

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